Dressage competitions run regularly throughout the year mostly on a Friday evening, and occasionally on Bank Holidays.

Dressage competitions are great fun for riders of all levels from those competent in walk & trot only, to those happy to canter and to ride a variety of lateral movements. Tests range from British Dressage Intro tests, Preliminary and Novice tests, ridden in either a 20x40m or 20x60m arena. Tests will be called if you wish, and assistance will be provided in the warm up to help you get the best from your allocated horse/pony.

It is not necessary to have your own horse/ pony. All competitions are organised and judged by our experienced BHS instructors, and give you the opportunity to experience dressage competition in a welcoming and friendly, low key environment.

You can wear formal competition clothing if you really want to get into the swing of it or just turn up in your normal riding attire.

See ‘forthcoming events’ for details of the next competition.

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