Riding Equipment for Sale

We sell Equestrian Goods at very competitive prices, ideal for the leisure rider.                                                                    

Hats – Charles Owen (Pas 015)

Young Riders Velvet Riding Hat                  £60.00

Ultralight Euro Jockey Skull Cap                 £60.00
Rhinegold Hat                                                  £60.00

YR8 Vented Hat   (plain)                               £75.00

YR8 Vented Hat   (sparkly)                           £85.00
Competitor Hat                                               £75.00


Body Protectors

Rhinegold Children’s Body Protectors         £75.50 (All sizes)
Rhinegold Adult’s Body Protectors               £75.00 (All sizes)
Charles Owen Kontakt 5
Children’s Body Protectors                              £90.00 (All sizes)
Adult’s Body Protectors                                    £135.00 (All sizes)

Charles Owen Shoulder Protection T-shirt
Adults                                                                   £51.00 (S/M/L)

body protectors

Jodphurs/ Breeches

Children’s Jodphurs (All designs) From:     £22.50 (All sizes)
Adult Jodphurs                                                  £40.00



Short Jodphur Boots (no zip)                          £30.00 (All sizes)
Long Leather Riding Boots From:                  £250.00 (All sizes)

Long Leather Boots Rhinegold Olympic       £75

Half Chaps

Children’s From:                                                £25.00
Adults:                                                                  £30.00 Rhinegold & £50 Brogini

Riding Gloves

Pimple Palm Stretch Gloves                              £3.00 (All sizes)
Cotton Gloves                                                        £3.00 (All sizes)
Synthetic Suede Gloves                                       £5.00 (All sizes)
Adult Roecki Gloves                                             £17.50

Rhinegold Thinsulate Gloves                             £17.50


Pack of 3 Ski Tube Socks (Rhinegold)             £15.00 (All sizes)
Single Pair                                                            £5.00 (All sizes)


Schooling Whips From:                                    £10.00
Short Whips From:                                            £7.00
Long Diamante Whips                                      £15.00
Short Diamante Whips                                     £10.00
Specialist Schooling Whips                              £12.50

Grooming Kits                                  £16.50

Trent Park Equestrian Centre Logo Merchandise

Baseball Cap                                                      £15.00
Children’s Polo Shirt £13.00
Adults Polo Shirt From: £18.00
Adult Micro Fleece £30.00 (All sizes)
Adult Waterproof Jacket £35.00
3 in 1 Jackets £45.00 (Adults)
Adult Zip Fleece                                              £40.00
Adult Rugby Shirt                                           £40.00
Adult Microtex Jacket                                   £89.50
Adult Microtex Trousers                               £49.50

Plus lots of great bargains in our bargain bins for just £5