For riders who jump with us regularly or those training for British Horse Society exams, there is the opportunity to enjoy the fun and excitement of our diverse cross country course. We have a range of fences to suit all levels whether it be those training for examinations or those just riding for fun. Many of our fences are portable allowing us to alter the course regularly, adding variety to the experience. With its natural jumps and varying terrain, our cross country course provides the perfect environment to develop your cross country skills. Taught by experienced instructors (BHS II), you can be confident you will develop your skills in the safest possible way.

Please note!

It is compulsory that all riders wear a body protector, and long sleeved top. This is in accordance with BHS & BE rules. it is also a requirement of the center that all riders have a correctly fitting, current safety standard jockey skull cap, long boots or gaiters, a short whip, and gloves.

Availability for cross country sessions is ground/weather permitting, and anyone wishing to take cross country lessons at the center must have show-jumped with us previously, and have been assessed as being at the correct level to go cross country.