Horse riding at Trent Park Equestrian Centre in London is great fun and an exciting day out, but if you’re new to horse riding you might have a few questions. We are regularly asked the same questions about horse riding activities at Trent Park, so we thought we’d produce this helpful little fact sheet.


To register for an account please go to our EcPro Online Booking System

Need help registering? Please see our ‘how to register guide

We grade all new riders each morning between 7.30am-9.00am based on the information you put on the rider registration. To ensure the safety of all our clients and horses we may assign a lower grade to riders initially, which is then adjusted after your first lesson with us if necessary.

The schedules will not be visible to you until riders have been graded. Once graded only the appropriate lessons/ activities will be displayed on the schedules.

The instructors give regular feedback on rider grades to the office who adjust grades as appropriate, to allow you to book the most suitable lessons and activities. If you feel you are not graded at the correct level please discuss this with your instructor.

Please check that any riders on your account have been graded before trying to view the schedules.

We add our schedules to the system a month in advance and are continuously adjusting them according to demand and staffing levels. Weekends, in particular are often booked up a few weeks in advance, but we find that we do get cancellations in the days and week beforehand and you can often find a suitable time slot at short notice. If you are struggling to find availability or are trying to book in a number of people then please give us a call on 02083638630.


For beginners we offer private lessons only.  The lesson is taught by an experienced member of staff. Although this may be more expensive in the initial stage of horse riding you would need fewer lessons to be able to join our group intermediate level lesson. The lesson is 45 minutes in duration and is more intensive than the group beginner lesson that was previously offered.

These first horse riding lessons will help you master the basic principles of riding; mounting, dismounting, basic position, holding the reins, walk, halt, basic turns, moving quickly into trot and learning the rising trot.

Once established as a rider there are a large range of options available to you, including hacking, jumping and advanced flatwork, taught on either a private or group basis.

Once assessed by the centre as being competent in walk, trot & canter, you may hack out into Trent Country Park. Our 45 minute hacks involve no road riding so are perfect for those new to hacking/ riding out of the arena. We also offer 3 hour rides to Whitewebbs for the more competent riders.


Children must be at least four years-old before starting to learn to ride. Before this time, they are not covered by our insurance.

For children under six years we offer individual introductory riding lessons for just half an hour. These lessons are not designed to be overly instructional but to offer confidence and familiarity with the ponies. Once 6, or if no longer finding the introductory lesson stimulating, children may move to a 45 minute private lesson or if they are confident in walk and the rising trot they can join the children’s intermediate group lesson as an alternative to a private lesson.



Riding hats & boots can be borrowed from the centre, at no extra charge. All hats are the latest European safety standard, PAS 015, which exceeds the new British safety standard and is the highest standard available.

Riders should wear long comfortable trousers, e.g. leggings or jogging bottoms, a top that covers their shoulders and a shoe/boot with a smooth sole and small heel. Caterpillar boots are often too chunky and jeans can rub on the seams in all the wrong places! Trainers are not acceptable footwear and we strongly advise that wherever you are in the world DO NOT ride in trainers – they are dangerous, and you foot could easily become wedged in the stirrup. Long hair should be tied into a low pony tail with all grips and clips removed, and riders should remove any jewellery.

Once you are riding , if you wish, you can purchase a variety of horse riding equipment at the equestrian centre shop, all at discount prices. This includes riding hats, boots, body protectors jodhpurs, gloves, riding crops and a variety of other horse riding related wear including Trent Park Equestrian Centre Merchandise.

Lessons are booked online via the EC Pro booking system. The link can we be found at

If you have any problems booking or are struggling to register please give the office a call on 0208 363 8630/9005.