Adult’s Riding Lessons

We offer a range of horse riding lessons for adults from 13 years upwards at our world-renowned Equestrian Centre in Trent Park, North London. We are within walking distance of Oakwood tube station on the Picadilly line and 10 minutes drive from the M25 (J24). Adults can ride as part of a group or enjoy one-to-one tuition with our international team of qualified, friendly instructors.

ADULTS (from 13 years old and over)
Group Beginners Lesson (AC)
Group Intermediate Lesson (AB)
Group Advanced Lesson (AA)
Group Prep to Jump Lesson
Individual Lesson with Senior Advanced Instructor
Individual Lesson High School Trained Horse
For advanced riders only
Individual Lesson/Hack
Structured to your individual needs
Individual Prep to Jump
Individual Jump Lesson with Senior Instructor
A riders only. 45 minutes

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Woodland Hacking

If you are confident in walk, trot and canter then you can go hacking in Trent Park Woods. There is no road-riding involved; we go straight out onto the bridle paths allowing for a safe and enjoyable experience.  All of the rides are escorted, either one-to-one with an instructor, or join a group of other adults led by one or more of the instructors. We organise on a monthly basis (group) 3 Hour Pub Rides.

Adults Hacking
Group Hacking in Trent Park Woods*
*Advanced riders only
Individual Lesson/Hack with Senior Instructor
Individual Lesson/Hack
3 Hour Group Pub Rides
For experienced riders.
Individual Pub Rides

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Special Courses/Lessons

We offer a large variety of riding courses/lessons, adapted to different needs and goals. Regularly, throughout the year, we schedule BHS Stage 1, 2 or 3 learn to ride courses. If your aim is to learn to ride a horse in a shorter period of time, or find out of you really want to learn to ride a horse, we have intensive courses adapted to this. We offer as well stable management courses, lunging courses and courses for those who aim at building a career in the equestrian industry, and others.

Individual Lunge Lesson
1 hour, 45 minutes on the lunge, from Tuesday to Friday
Group Stable Management Lecture
Individual Stable Management Lecture
Exam Training (Ridden or SM)
Blazing Saddles
Group lesson, 11am, Tuesday to Friday.
Intensive Learn to Ride Day
Tuesday to Friday including lunch
Intensive Learn to Ride Week
Tuesday to Friday including lunch
Student Rates – Group Flat
Off-peak, term time only
Student Rates – Group Jump*
Off-peak, term time only
3 Hour TPEC Experience
Tuesday to Sunday including 1 hour riding, grooming, a tour of the centre and a hot drink and cake

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